Personality Development Program

When we meet new people, it is often theirpersonalitythat grabs our attention. Understanding how personality develops can provide insight into who someone is and their background while also increasing our understanding of what’s behind our own personality traits and characteristics. This course helps to increase their presence and learn how to project a high-impact personality. Personal impact is not a single skill; it is a set of skills that must be mastered together in line with improving attitude.

In today’s competitive world, standing out requires strong personality, uniqueness and a level of impact above and beyond anything ordinary. Having a strong and positive presence can open up doors, get people to listen, pay attention, to buy, to commit and to support you which in turn can boost your confidence, increase your chances of success and prepare you to face new challenges.


We can also custom Design the course as per Individual Needs


10 days

( Available both Online & Offline )


10 days

( Total 20 Hours )

Course Duration

New Batch every month



Course Covers

We can also custom Design the course as per Individual Needs

  • Understanding Personality
  • Building Communication Skills
  • Decoding Body Language
  • Speaking skills and small Talk
  • Public Speaking
  • Dress to Impress
  • Social Etiquettes
  • Confidence Building
  • Anger Management
  • Skin, Hair care
  • Party etiquette
  • and Much More
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