Our Courses are designed for various Profiles , Age groups and Genders. Some of our clients are Beauty Pageant Aspirants, Corporate Teams, Execitives, Air Crew, Hospitality Crew, Housewives, Teens, Scool and College faulties, Hospital staff, Placement Cells, Management Institutes, Brides and Grooms, models, Actors, and people seeking their self personal Development.



We train for Miss, Mr, Mrs, Teens, Kids, ( All categories like Plus size, Petite, Deaf, Dumb, Blind, Wheelchair, Transgender Etc. ) We specialize in International Pageants too.

The beautiful winner’s tiara and sash is made of qualities like personality, poise, discipline, and attitude. Rigahaus provides a comprehensive training course from the pioneer of the industry who, with her expert guidance, will help you develop, hone, and perfect your confidence, personality, self-grooming capabilities, social media etiquette, etc. Get access to tricks of the trade and make your way to the industry. This course will prove to be the ideal starter pack for anyone who dares to dream big in life.

We train you for local, state, national and international level. Each level of pageant requires different skill sets and with these skills taught at various levels, we have given numerous international winners year after year. To name a few, miss world manushi chhillar, miss diva universe divita rai, miss india world sini shetty, miss supranational pragnya , mr india gokul ganesan, mr global kunzang topgay bhutia, mr. India global chena choudhary, mr. India universal kramik yadav, mr. India tourism world mithun debbarma , mrs india international dr sapna mishra , mrs india universe dr neha tyagi ,miss tgpc jigyasa sharma miss teen universe srishti kaur, miss deaf world vidisha baliyan, youngest mr india laksh chaudhry , miss plus size mudita shauq, miss transgender saini soni, miss wheelchair sonia chaoudhry , miss pre teen universe sreshtha choudary, miss teen universe rhea singha and many more

Rita gangwani is the only pageant coach in the world who’s trained diversified pageants for deaf, blind, wheelchair, plus size, petite, transgender, physically challenged etc along with regular pageants for all age groups and genders like miss, mrs, mr, miss , teens kids, newborns. For this exceptional skill she has been honored by world book of records from uk.



In today’s volatile business environment, organizations need to constantly revamp themselves to stay ahead of the competition. This can only be done if employees grow with the industry; we help organizations with this through our learning and development programs.

Rigahaus provide team coaching which can be in-house, at client’s venue or outbound for various profiles and levels on presence, personal and professional etiquette, self branding, international etiquette, communication, leadership, public speaking. Time management, stress management, life management and presentation skills.

We focus on boosting employee morale and motivation which therefore increases innovation. When your employees feel rewarded for their work, they will focus on creativity and process reinvention.

In today’s fast paced and competitive world the impact you make through your physical presence and image is the key to success or failure. Hence, it has become increasingly important for executives, in the corporate environment, to be able to convey a professional image of their business. While ones résumé will reveal their work experience, the level of professionalism and respect will be transmitted immediately by their appearance. How they look, feel and build rapport greatly determines how they succeed in the marketplace. The emphasis is on imparting tools that bring a sea change in a person’s personality.

In business, the relationships you build are critical. Establishing good rapport is significant if you want to progress your professional future, take on new clients, impress your boss or close that final sale. Business etiquette is a set of unwritten rules that apply to social situations, professional workplaces and relationships providing a standard framework within which business people can operate as they communicate and collaborate. Attention to etiquette is a sign of professionalism and respect for others, and it can make positive first impressions while building trust among colleagues. Good business etiquette is a valuable skill-set that will make you stand out from others.

An involvement in this training ensures that the company executive will be perceived in a way that reflects the company’s image and enhances interpersonal relationship.



Our Executive presence training focuses on developing the characteristics, skills, and behaviors needed to exhibit a commanding presence as a leader. Aspiring to lead involves the desire to make a positive impact, inspire others to improve, and leave a lasting legacy. Leadership is often associated with key traits and skills we expect people to have, at times, we correlate leadership with positions held.

So, what exactly is executive presence? It can mean different things to different people; simply put, leadership or executive presence comes from being authentic, building confidence in others, and inspiring others to take meaningful action.

Leadership and developing your executive presence, specifically, is a journey of personal transformation. Indeed, leadership is those things and more; it is the ability to have others willingly follow your lead – regardless of the position held.

It comes with developing trust and making consistently good impressions.  This lasting impression on people is created through consistency in: communication, knowledge of your area of specialization, being authentic, and lifting others. For example, when we think of leaders, we associate the ability to communicate effectively and powerfully and in doing so, that quiet confidence comes through.

However, this impression is more than words we use, it is how present we are and how we present (or how we show up) that supports and defines the impression we make.



Working as cabin crew for an airline is an exciting and challenging experience. In addition to jetting off to exotic destinations, the job also requires a high standard of grooming and etiquette in line with industry regulations. This course is ideal for young professionals looking to get a head start in the profession, introducing the skills and responsibilities expected by the world’s leading airlines

Personal grooming is an important module for the students. We at Rigahaus keep the students updated with the latest grooming techniques and beauty tips so that the students are able to enhance their physical appearance, spotless complexion and glowing skin. Appropriate grooming and hygiene is an important part of managing your Image as a Flight Attendant.

While flying, you need to look your best, even after long flying hours. Cabin crew are the face of airlines so to meet the professionalism you need to brush up your grooming skills in right way. Personality Development is another vital key element which will enhance your inner self to perfectly fit in professional cabin crew career.  We also give public speaking and self discovery sessions from which every student will get to know their weakness and strengths. This helps them to present their best version in the industry.



The Hospitality Industry is always considered as The Show Business. Things should be eye appealing. No matter If it’s the staff, reception, hotel rooms, a dish or an entire building! The Hospitality Staff is simply the representatives of the entire organization and that is why their Grooming and looks are very important in this Industry.

How you look, dress & present yourself speaks volumes about your approach towards the guests. It is important to understand, that no matter what your job role is, you’re the face of your organization! The act of grooming is to make yourself and, as an extension of the organization presentable.

Furthermore, while we may all know not to judge a book by its cover, there are a few instances where presentation really does matter. In the hotel industry, polished presentation is vital to success. Everything about your property will be evaluated through photographs and reviews before a guest even decides to purchase a room!

For hospitality professional it is a lifestyle that requires personality, charm, enthusiasm, a caring attitude and pride. It is a demanding job that requires not only skills but also a personal commitment as a lifestyle change. The elements of image excellence do not stop at clothing and grooming in the hotel industry. A positive first impression goes beyond how we look (appearance) and what we do (body language) to the way we communicate and serve others. Here, at Rigahaus we prepare you well for the same.



Homemaking is not about ‘doing it all’, it is about creating an environment where the family feels fed, warm and happy, and every woman puts in a lot of effort to make that kind of a home, and yet, are often looked down on and not given enough respect. One very prominent reason to this is limited social skills. As for the women who stay at home, it is hard to seek the correct kind of exposure to the business and social world and even more, deal with it. This usually results in a lack of self-confidence and dependency. Even if they desire a job, they feel like they are not very well versed and do not have enough qualifications to be considered for the job. Attending school functions or office functions of their husband gives them jitters. Ordering and eating in a restaurant with right cutlery a burdensome task. This has been an exceptionally large problem in the society for an exceptionally long time, and now, it is about time that this shell is broken, and the wings of possibilities are prepared to make a life-changing flight.

We all have a comfort zone, a zone that includes a group of people with whom we feel comfortable with. This zone expands when we come out of our comfort zone and meet new and positive people, or it may shrink if we are hesitant. Expanding the zone gives us empowerment.

We dress to impress others, let’s get dressed to impress ourselves first. You will get the awareness of various attires and their significance in every occasion. Learn to carry yourself with confidence is what you will get after completion of this course

This entire course is designed after doing lot of research and conducting survey to know what the aspirations of women in today’s time are. Communication plays a vital role in developing confidence. For that, a woman needs to get transformed into a better version of her. This course will help you develop and groom yourself in such a way that you will stand out wherever you go.


  • 7. TEENS

One of the hardest parts of parenting a teenager is understanding why they act the way they do. It can be difficult to see your once sweet and loving child become impulsive, moody, and withdrawn. So, what’s going on in their brains that cause all these changes? The teenage brain is undergoing major development. The prefrontal cortex, which is the rational part of the brain, is not fully developed yet. This can lead to poor judgment and impulsive decisions.

Support through personality development can help them to grow as more balanced individuals. Aside from providing a person with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in life. It can also teach them how to think critically and make informed decisions. Additionally, it can help people develop positive relationships with others. Personality development is important for teens because it helps them to overcome shyness and hesitation and build their confidence. Being confident and comfortable in social situations is an important part of teenager’s life. Those who are shy or have low self-esteem often find it difficult to make new friends. Learning social and Life skills is a must for Teenagers.

We also help them to develop better communication skills to participate in class discussions, ask questions and make presentations. They also develop leadership skills which is an important quality for success in any field. A positive outlook will help Teens to stay motivated and focused on their goals. It will also help them to deal with stress and setbacks.

Our program also focuses on the top life skills that will put them on a path of independence, success and   motivate them to achieve personal goals. We will intensively cover social skills, dressing skills. Communication skills, Time Management. Physical fitness and healthy habits, Emotional awareness, and self control, Anger Management. Relationship skills and values, Moral behavior, integrity and character and most importantly Spirituality and a purposeful life.



We conduct Faculty Development Program on Soft Skills and Personality Development. Our FDP is aimed at: Informing, Educating and Persuading the teaching faculty to develop their soft skills and personality to be great teachers & better mentors. We enlighten the faculty that by being teachers they are role- models to the students and hence, there is great necessity to develop their soft skills and their personality. We extensively cover Effective Communication Skills and the barriers. Another important aspect of our course is importance of Non-Verbal Communication.

Believing that if you are happy, u distribute happiness, we teach Self-Management Skills to improve all the skills like, time Management, Stress Management, and Positive Thinking etc.

Teachers are the fulcrum of teaching-learning process. They are the catalyst to empower future generation with the skills that are required 10 years down the line. This implies that they need to understand and have those skills in them right now so as to inculcate them in students. This also means the teachers need to be groomed if they have these skills. That’s what faculty learns at RIGAHAUS.



Patients who come to our hospitals are not in their best of health or mood. Most of the times, in Emergency Rooms or Wards, Doctors, Nursing Officers, Para medical staff are the main Health Professionals they come in contact first. They are the face of our health service and hospitals. A smartly turned out, appropriately trained; efficient and empathetic health professional goes a long way in alleviating the miseries of our patients. If they do not have the appropriate standard of manners, the chances are that they would be even more put off. This mismatch can bring the whole experience to be less than ideal.

The primary goal for any health relates profession should be to project a positive image. The non-verbal messages are as important as the verbal skills. Like the ABC of Basic Life Support, the ABC of grooming consists of “Appearance, Behavior, Communication can create a great good will.

Most of the complaints generated in the hospital regarding care are not of medical nature but usually about the attitudes and behaviors. professionalism is not only learning the basics of profession but maintenance of confident posture, dress code and the way staff conducts themselves, even under stressful situations.

A dedicated and focused course with lectures, interactive discussions and hands-on practice helps to bring staff from diverse backgrounds to learn how to conduct themselves gracefully while taking care of sick. This would not only enhance their self-esteem, but bring this noble profession at par with the most respected and dedicated professions of the country. A smartly turned out, trained empathetic and efficient health professional helps in alleviating the miseries of the patients.



Placement grooming is very significant to put high emphasis on technical and non-technical aspects of pre-placement training. This helps students to excel at interviews and recruitment processes. Personality development along with knowledge and skill enhancement is very important for every student to get placed within their dream organizations.

To provide students with better placement opportunity in better organizations, many institutes arrange placement grooming sessions for students as part of their academic curricula. Placement grooming sessions generally include soft-skill training, industry exposure, internships, mock interviews etc.

We at Rigahaus cover Soft-skill Training like communication skills, interviewing skills, presentation skills etc. Mock interviews conducted by us prepare students thoroughly for stress interviews so that they can crack interviews effortlessly on the day of placement. Other skills such as, body language patterns, leadership qualities, group interactions, discussion skills, etc. are also taught at this stage.

Although all these above mentioned training sessions contribute to personality development, we help in some other ways too to develop students’ personality. These may include how to dress up properly, how to speak correctly, proper mannerism, and proper code of behavior etc. making students industry-ready and globally fit.



Personal development is a vital part of an individual’s growth and progression. By allowing you to explore key areas of self-improvement, you’re more likely to feel fulfilled in your personal life – and it could even benefit you from a professional perspective.

Personal development is the process of self-improvement, which focuses on building up your own awareness, knowledge and skills, as well as an overall sense of identity. Working on your personal development is not only essential for your own self-improvement, but can also help you thrive professionally.

The key benefits of personal development are that it’s a path to self discovery, learning about your abilities and aspirations. You’ll figure out where your values, beliefs, and values lie, not to mention uncover a clearer purpose for what you’re doing – both on a personal and professional level.

By figuring out more about yourself, you’ll be able to set clear and well-informed goals. Not only will you realize what you do want to do, you’ll also be able to rule out paths that might not suit you as much as you thought. You’ll be able to maintain a better work-life balance

If you’re not feeling fulfilled in your current job, allowing yourself some personal development time is a great way to improve your work-life balance. Whilst personal development might seem separate from your professional life, it could actually be a great way to achieve your career goals. And it’s not just what you learn that could help you thrive at work; by making your commitment to personal development clear to employers, you’ll be able to demonstrate dedication and an ability to learn and grow. With most employers seeking candidates who are willing to progress within an industry, you could be well on your way to landing your dream role.



Look your best, behave your best and be your best – here’s why you need to consider grooming classes for bride and groom to achieve all three before you get married. What exactly are grooming classes? They are sessions taken to give you tips and suggestions on how you can carry yourself well. Grooming classes can be of many types but are broadly categorized as physical grooming classes and personality grooming classes. The two are pretty self-explanatory in themselves, but let us still tell you a little about both of them.

The physical grooming classes are ones where you get tips about makeup, styling your outfits, mixing-and-matching of outfits, hairstyles and how to combine all of these to suit your body and face structure. For men, these grooming classes can be about mostly the same things, except makeup. But we do tell men tips on how they can take care of their skin and look dapper at all times.
We also provide sessions on relationship management, sexual awareness and hygiene and phobias. How can we miss out on party planning and fine dining as it’s an integral part of couple’s life.

In personality development sessions, we give you tips on how to carry yourself in public, how to interact with different people and how to deal with certain situations in the best, calm and elegant way possible. Newlyweds have to deal with a lot of new people, people they have never interacted with before and it might be majorly overwhelming. Brides and grooms are often at a loss of words when dealing with such situations. Personality grooming classes will help you overcome the initial awkwardness of meeting new people and will make you more confident and hence chatty. Rest assured, your new families will fall in love with you.



While most of you might think that to become a model or an actor, all you need is to take care of your face, figure and learn to walk the Ramp. Trust us when we say that it isn’t. It’s much more! Being a model or an actor is a lifestyle and therefore, you need to make sure your behavior matches it too. On-camera and off-camera; you always have to be ready.

While you might not be doing much talking on the ramp or in auditions, you would be doing a lot of talking to get to the ramp or auditions. No one gets instant fame in this glamorous world; well, at least not the majority. In your struggling period, your communication skills will be extremely important. You would need to communicate well with the ‘important’ people. It is imperative that you seem sincere, smart, open to criticism and capable. While in the long-run your actions will speak for themselves, in the beginning your words and body language will matter more.

Being slim and trim or having a pumped up body doesn’t always equate to being fit, remember that. You can go on a diet all you want but if you are always falling sick, getting tired, unable to put in the grueling hours, it will work against you. We will advice you about healthy diet etc.

You will be taught various etiquettes such as dining etiquette, party etiquette, poolside etiquette, etc. This training will come extremely handy throughout your career and will help you a lot .To makes it big in the fashion industry; you need to have a great fashion sense. Yes, you will be given clothes to wear at a fashion show. But you also need to upgrade your fashion sense. We will help you grow your fashion sense.

The thing is, you might have an immense amount of talent, but without the proper amount of grooming, it will be of no use. You would need the right contact, the right attitude and the right style.

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