Guide To Corporate Wear For A Gentleman – For Freshers.

By Rita Gangwani on Mar 24, 2023

Are u a fresher just stepping into the corporate world? Back in college, you have always had somebody who would be pushing you in the right direction. The sudden independence that is associated with the job world is something freshers find difficult to understand. As a result, they often end up messing up their corporate lives .

However, corporate life is a highly competitive world and unless and until you put your best foot forward right from the very first day, you may not even be noticed.. More often than not, it is seen that freshers make mistakes not because they are lazy, but because they are not aware of the correct way to carry themselves. Most organizations expect their employees to dress well. One needs to dress appropriately as per the work culture for a pleasing personality.

First impressions form in a matter of seconds. Think about what attracts you to someone when you first meet. It’s that person’s appearance, isn’t it? The first judgment we make about someone is based on what we see.

Corporate dressing does not mean flaunting designer business suits but to dress appropriately in lines with the organization culture. Never wear casuals to work. Dressing formally helps to create the right professional image. You are what you wear. Observe the colours, styles, prints and patterns that your colleagues and juniors wear. Make a conscious effort to look and dress distinctly different from them.

Here are few tips to dress correctly at work.


  • Being loyal to the company is one thing, going overboard with it, is another. Some people make the mistake of wearing colours that are a part of their companies branding. Worse still, they are those who like to match their clothes to the colours of the walls, interiors and office furniture. So, keep the following in mind.
  • Neutral colours such as blue, grey, white, khaki, black are guaranteed hits in a corporate setting. Subtle colours look good in offices.
  • Avoid wearing party shirts to work.
  • Do not wear loud colours or patterns that are too bold.
  • Plain shirts are always in style , however, Vertical stripes of pin and chalk size also look great.
  • Wear checks or micro-checks on Friday dressing days.
  • Colours such as red, yellow, orange usually are not preferred to be worn at the workplace.
  • Polka dots shirts or shirts with sequins are a strict no-no in organizations.
  • Avoid wearing short sleeves to work. Full sleeves shirts look professional. Make sure your sleeves touch the base of your hand. Do not roll up sleeves at work.
  • Your shirt should not be too tight. You should be able to button your shirt properly without any gaps.


  • Take care of the fit of the trouser.
  • Slim fit or flat front trousers in solid colours such as grey, black, blue look best at workplaces.
  • Avoid baggy trousers as one looks lazy and sloppy in the same.
  • Trousers should not fall in too many folds as you stand.
  • Remembers, shirts should be light and trousers dark.


  • Shoes should be polished.
  • Keep a shoe shiner handy.
  • Prefer dark leather shoes (Black or Brown) with black laces.
  • Wear dark coloured socks to work. Match your socks to the trousers or the shoes. Avoid white socks.
  • Do not wear sports shoes or sneakers to work.


  • Avoid wearing chunky necklaces or too many bracelets to work.
  • Remove all other rings except your wedding ring.
  • Remember, there is a huge difference between your college and professional life.
  • If you wear an earring, remove it immediately.
  • Tattoos and body piercings are not at all acceptable in a professional environment.


  • Remember, your tie should complement your overall look.
  • Silk ties are always a safe bet.
  • Do not wear ties in loud colours or jazzy patterns.
  • The tip of your tie should touch your belt buckles.


  • Do not wear flashy belts with broad buckles.
  • Wear leather belts in dark colours preferably black or brown.
  • The color of the belt shouls match the colr of the shoe
  • Do not carry a thick wallet or keep your car keys in pocket as it creates an asymmetrical bulge under your clothes.


Hair should be neatly combed and styled for a professional look. Never colour or streak your hair in shades of red, gold and pink. Brown and black are universally accepted. Never use oil in your hair — or at least one that is heavy, sticky or has a strong after smell.Short hair looks best in offices.

  • A bath/shower a day. Hair washed at least every other day.
  • Deodorant applied. (Body odor is always a turn-off.) 
  • Be wary of perfume and colognes. (You might not realize your added enhancement might be a turn-off to others.)
  • Teeth brushed regularly. Visit your dentist for proper care.
  • Nails clean, trimmed, and filed. Hands and skin clean and soft.
  • Clean lenses if you wear glasses or contacts.
  • If you have a moustache, make sure it is neatly trimmed.
  • Clothing should be clean, wrinkle free and ironed.


If you wear a uniform — give it the respect it deserves. Don’t make changes — even small tweaks — to your prescribed look. Always follow the regulation look for what it is. keep your uniform looking crisp and well maintained. Ditto for accessories, or the lack of it.

When you wear a uniform, it’s not about you, but about the image of your brand, company or employers.

Wishing you Grand success.

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