Pageant Mistakes to Avoid

By Rita Gangwani on Jun 27, 2024




I absolutely love judging pageants but its surprising how often the same mistakes are repeated. I wish contestants  were aware of these pitfalls before the pageant, as it could significantly improve their chances of winning.


Here’s my list of top mistakes that can cost contestants points and potentially the title:

– **Being Late:** Arriving late for your interview or stage time is a major mistake.

– **Hair in Your Face:** Beauty pageants always score facial beauty. Keep your hair sprayed back from your face, and bangs should not cover your eyes.

– **Ill-fitting Clothes:** Ensure your pageant wardrobe fits perfectly. Clothing should outline your curves without revealing undergarments or body bulges. Sleeves should reach your wrist bone, and dress hems should be of appropriate length. Judges can see everything from their lower vantage point. No visible midriffs or improper cleavage. Boys should wear belts, and their shirts should be tucked in securely.

– **Holding Up Your Dress:** Hem your dress to the shoes you’ll wear to avoid stepping on it. Judges shouldn’t see your shoes when you’re standing or walking. Practice walking in your dress before the pageant.

– **Obscured Contestant Number:** Ensure your contestant number is clearly visible. Judges need to identify you accurately.

– **Improper Timing on Stage:** Avoid rushing or moving too slowly. Maintain a consistent pace during your walk.

– **Lack of Eye Contact:** Make solid eye contact with the judges.
– **Inappropriate Talent Outfits:** Match your outfit to your talent. Age-appropriate clothing should stay in place and cover all essential areas.

– **Singers’ Backing Tracks:** Sing with a professionally recorded backing track. Avoid a cappella performances or singing along with the original recording. Only your voice should be heard by the judges.

– **Special Notes for Parents:** Carry toddlers in kids pageants facing out so judges can see their faces. Avoid forcing them to walk to prevent tantrums. Moms, avoid spaghetti straps or low necklines to prevent accidental exposure.

These are the most common mistakes I observe. This list isn’t exhaustive, as I could write a book on stage blunders. To achieve your highest score, avoid these common errors.

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