what is pageant walk and how is it different to fashion walk

What Is Pageant Walk And How Is It Different To Fashion Walk

By Rita Gangwani on Mar 24, 2023

A pageant walk and a fashion walk are different types of walks that are used for different purposes.

A pageant walk is a type of walk that is typically used in beauty pageants. The pageant walk emphasizes grace, poise, and confidence, and is designed to showcase the contestant’s personality and beauty. The walk typically involves taking small, measured steps while maintaining good posture and eye contact with the judges and audience. The arms are usually held at the sides or at the waist, and the hips are swayed slightly to create a feminine and elegant look. In a pageant walk, the emphasis is on showcasing the contestant’s overall presentation and personality, rather than just the clothing they are wearing.

On the other hand, a fashion walk is a type of walk that is used in fashion shows and runway events. The fashion walk is designed to showcase the clothing that the model is wearing, rather than the model herself. The walk typically involves longer, more exaggerated steps, with the feet crossing over each other to create a more dynamic and energetic look. The arms may be held out to the sides or at the hips, depending on the clothing being modeled. In a fashion walk, the emphasis is on showcasing the clothing in the most flattering and stylish way possible, rather than showcasing the personality or beauty of the model.

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